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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Trade before the storm

The Cavaliers might have traded their best player on Thursday. No one seems to care that J.J. Hickson was sent to the Sacramento Kings in exchange for small forward Omri Casspi and a protected first-round pick.

There are several things I like about Casspi. His ugly shot isn't one of them. However, he puts up decent numbers and definitely fills a void in the Cavs' starting lineup.

Casspi will compete for the starting "3" spot with Alonzo Gee and Christian Eyenga. Joey Graham is still technically on the roster, but I'd be shocked if he's coming to training camp.

Say what you want about Hickson, but he was a talented player. Was he a tad inconsistent at times? Of course. But he was an athletic big and teams shouldn't just wash their hands of players like him.

The Cavs want to create room for first-round pick Tristan Thompson at power forward, even though it's conceivable veteran Antawn Jamison could start. He's expected to be traded at some point next year.

Which bring us to another point. Will there be a season? The lockout is expected to start at midnight on Thursday. In the last couple weeks, I've been hearing things like "they're going to miss games and the season could be lost." Those were things I hate to hear.

It's never a good thing to take away something people want to watch. The NBA has a lot of entertainment value. It serves a purpose.

In Cleveland, with so many young players, wiping out the summer league is never a good thing. These young guys need to play, and play together. They will all play ball during the lockout. But what good does it do for one to play in Charlotte, one in New York City and one in Los Angeles?

Similar to the Browns, who are hurt by the NFL's lockout, the Cavs won't be a better team because of the lockout. Just like the NBA, it will be hurt by it in a major way.