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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Larry, who?

Cavs blog by Bob Finnan

Remember a player by the name of Larry Hughes? He plays for the Chicago Bulls and is disgruntled by his minutes in Coach Vinny Del Negro's rotation.

Guess what? He's probably real "happy" with his minutes in Thursday's nationally televised game against the Cavs.

He suffered the indignity of a DNP-CD. Apparently, if he's going to complain about his minutes and playing time, he's not going to play. The Bulls are probably tired of his griping.

The Bulls are overloaded with guards. Hughes is the odd man out and they'll likely trade him by the deadline. In all probability, the former Cavs guard will be somewhere else soon.

The Bulls did a heck of a job defensively on Cavs forward LeBron James. He missed 20 of his 28 shots from the field.

"Before the game, I was hoping (NBA commissioner) David Stern would change the rules so we could throw 10 guys at him (James)," Del Negro said.

There's an outside change forward/center Ben Wallace will return for tonight's game against New Orleans.

That will give the Cavs a boost. They'll need it, too, since they'll be playing without guard Delonte West. He fractured his right wrist. He's one of those glue players that made the Cavs so special. They'll miss him dearly, especially when trying to defend Hornets point guard Chris Paul tonight.

If it was up to West, he'd likely play with the fractured right wrist. Remember, he's a lefty. He even told TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager that he wanted to get a soft cast on his wrist and play on the West Coast trip.

Ah, Delonte, you can't play. Maybe by now, he'll understand that. Someone said at the United Center he could miss between 6 to 8 weeks. The Cavs will know for sure after his MRI this morning.


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