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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I love crab cakes

Cavs blog by Bob Finnan

Way too much is being made out of LeBron's James' "crab dribble."

But like he said, "Everything I do is a big deal."

He said many of the people writing about the crab dribble have no athletic ability.

"It’s easy for people who don’t play the game of basketball to say something about a particular move," he said. "They’ve never touched a basketball in their lives. They just report about it."

I beg to differ, Mr. James. I averaged well over 6 points a game in the church league my sophomore year in high school. I would like an immediate retraction.

Just because I have no athletic ability - he's right, by the way, I have no game - it doesn't mean I can't report on what I see.

There were two guys dressed in red crab outfits at the Cavs' game on Wednesday against Charlotte. They held a sign: "Free the Crab."

The best skit on the night came after a 3-pointer by G Daniel "Boobie" Gibson. They showed a movie clip from "Mrs. Doubtfire" where Robin Williams sets his fake breasts on fire while cooking in the kitchen.

The caption read: "Boobie's on fire."


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