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Friday, January 2, 2009

Amazing numbers

Cavs blog by Bob Finnan

The most amazing thing about Friday's game was the fact that LeBron James had just eight shots, yet the Cavaliers scored 117 points.

He amassed 11 assists and constantly found Anderson Varejao and Ben Wallace around the basket. They were a combined 15 of 25 from the field.

James had just three field goals on the night. The Cavs shot 51 percent from the field and abused the Bulls.

By the way, there's something drastically wrong with the Bulls. They shouldn't be this bad. The problem is they have a bunch of me-players. Ben Gordon is a fabulous talent, but I wouldn't want him on my team. He takes care of himself. He doesn't make anyone else on the court better.

One could say the same thing about Larry Hughes. He's unhappy again (when is he happy?) and probably wants out. It's not going to be easy to trade him, but it can be done.


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