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Friday, April 24, 2009

Love that commercial

NIKE COMMERCIAL: The Cavs' spoof of the Heineken commercial is a classic. View the video here.

WHERE'S TAYSHAUN?: The next time you’re in the dairy aisle of your favorite grocery store, check the back of the milk cartons for Tayshaun Prince. Because after the first three playoff games - and quite a few during the regular season - he has been nowhere to be found in this series. This comes courtesy of A. Sherrod Blakely of Booth Newspapers.

His back must really be bothering him. He's just been no factor whatsoever.

“He’s got to (become more of a scorer),” Pistons guard Richard Hamilton said of Prince. “You can’t have LeBron relax on defense. That’s what he’s trying to do right now, he’s trying to pretty much play safety, play behind the rim; he’s helping a whole lot. So we have to make him play defense; wear him down on that end because he means so much to them on the offensive end.”

PLUS/MINUS NUMBERS: Here’s the plus/minus ratio for Detroit’s starters in the first two games of this series - Rodney Stuckey (minus-35); Richard Hamilton (minus-49); Tayshaun Prince (minus-37); Antonio McDyess (minus-30); and Rasheed Wallace (minus-34).

It's hard to put too much stock into these numbers (some guys swear by them). But they might tell the story in this series.

OBIT WRITERS: The end is near for the Pistons. It will likely come in Game 4 on Sunday. Someone asked Pistons coach Michael Curry if it was too soon to write the Pistons’ obituary.

“You can write the obituary, but you might have to change the date on it,” Curry said. “I’m sure the obituary has been written for a while, but the date keeps having to be changed. We will die eventually.”


Blogger david said...

It should be awesome for NBA fans to see how the rest of the series plays out. I'd definitely recommend watching the LeBron presser from last game:

and of course, check for your news on all the series

April 26, 2009 at 12:13 PM 

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