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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

C'ya Sheed

Pistons forward/center Rasheed Wallace, one of the most hated athletes in Cleveland, picked up his 16th technical foul in the fourth quarter of Tuesday's win. That means an automatic one-game suspension from the NBA.

That happened to Warriors guard/forward Stephen Jackson earlier in the season.

Wallace guaranteed a Pistons' victory over the Cavs in the playoffs two years ago. Of course, the Cavs won and fans thumbed their noses at him.

TIME OUT WOES - The Cavs had a 24-second violation after a time out in the fourth quarter on Tuesday. Excuse me, but isn't there like 10 coaches on the sidelines now. Shouldn't one of them alert the players that only so many seconds are left on the shot clock?

OK, that's my pet peeve of the day.

DON'T LIKE IT - The Cavs show a picture of Desmond Howard's "Heisman" pose on the JumboTron when they want the fans to boo during an opponent's free throw.

I really wish they'd quit that skit. Remember, even though he played at the University of Michigan, he's a St. Joseph's High School grad.

WHERE ARE CHEERLEADERS? - Speaking of game operations, the fans are treated to just one appearance from the Cavaliers Girls in the firs half. Fans see way more of the Scream Team (nothing against them) than the cheerleaders. How about a little more dance team and a lot less Scream Team.

Several people have noticed the halftime shows have gotten worse as the season has wore on. Apparently, they are trying to save some money.

But old favorite Quick Change was on hand on Tuesday. Love that show.


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