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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Trap game?

For most of the first quarter of Sunday's game, I was thinking the Cavs would catch a case of the 11-game hex. Five times in the history of the Cavs, they've won 11 games in a row. On each occasion, the Cavs lost their next game.

Of course, the 2008-09 Cavs are like no other team in franchise history. They destroyed the Mavericks on Sunday for their 12th win in a row. No one knows where this winning streak is heading.

Things looked bleak early on in the Dallas game. The Mavs guards attacked the basket at will. They drove to the basket for easy layups. When they didn't go all the way to the rim, they found center Erick Dampier for dunk after dunk.

The Cavs started defending in the second quarter. They almost caught up at the end of the first half. They clamped down on the Mavs in the third quarter. The Mavs scored 30 points in the first quarter, 44 in the final three.

The Cavs are 35-1 at home now. They have five more home games. The toughest might be next Sunday when they host San Antonio at 1 p.m.

I believe the Cavs are going to match Boston's all-time record of 40-1 at home in 1985-86. That's why it's also imperative for the Cavs to get the best record in the league. They just don't lose at home.


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