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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's that time of the year

Every day, I'm getting one or two pieces of propoganda from another NBA team. They are sending out letters, e-mails and props promoting their players.

In the last week, I got some rose-colored glasses from the Bulls asking me to vote for Derrick Rose for Rookie of the Year. I also got a bottle of glass cleaner from the Timberwolves wanting me to vote for Kevin Love, also for top rookie.

I got a personal message from Pacers president Larry Bird the other day promoting Danny Granger for Most Improved Player.

The Cavs do not believe in promoting their players, coaches or GMs with such material. However, they did recently start a website for LeBron James - By the way, he is really good, but you don't need me to tell you that.

I usually read most of the material, some of which are very clever. But it doesn't sway my vote one way or the other. I do much research on the postseason awards and really take them seriously.

I know most of my peers in the media do the same.

NO WIZ IN PLAYOFFS - Cavs forward LeBron James is glad he won't be facing the Wizards in the postseason.

"I think we both say we’d rather not see each other (in the playoffs)," James said. "It got a little out of control. We became heated rivals. They’ll be back in the Eastern Conference next year."

We're not quite sure what league they were playing in this year, but he's right, they will likely be a East playoff contender next season.


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