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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Later, Brian

I just said my goodbyes to my longtime colleague, Brian Windhorst. He's leaving for Miami on Sunday morning.

We've been together on the Cavs' beat for seven years. I met him a few years before that at the airport. I think he was either a sports clerk then for the Beacon Journal, or possibly covering Kent State.

He was just a young guy at the time. I was introduced by Chris Tomasson, a former Cavs beat writer.

I became quite close to Windhorst, despite the age difference. We were both very sarcastic and liked to poke fun at everything on the beat.

Covering the Cavs, you spend so much time with the people around the team. We ended up traveling together, staying at many of the same Marriotts throughout the country.

Good things happen to good people. As you know, he accepted a job with to cover the Miami Heat and the NBA. There are some people in the Cleveland area who don't quite understand that Windhorst almost had to take the position. He is now at the top of his profession.

I wish him well. He's going to be facing a challenging task in South Beach covering that team. Good luck and God speed, Brian.

You know I'm just a phone call away.


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