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Friday, September 10, 2010

NBA gossip

While in my front yard the other evening, all the neighbors came out to gossip. Of course, all the guys feel they must bring up Cavaliers' related items when talking to me.

Neighbor from across the street: "What did you think about LeBron leaving?"

Me: Completely tired of talking about the subject, I offer this: "I can't blame him for leaving. It's how he left that sticks in my craw."

Neighbor: "Is Iglesias coming back?"

Me: Enrique? Julio? "Who the heck are you talking about?"

Neighbor: "The big guy."

Me: "Z? He went to Miami with LeBron."

Neighbor: "Oh, no. I liked him. But I don't care about the NBA. I don't follow it."

Me: Really? You seem so informed on the subject.

Neighbor 2: "The NBA is fixed."

Me: "It's not fixed."

Neighbor 2: "Miami is not going to win it. Bosh and Wade are injury-prone. Their bench sucks. The Cavs bench from last year was better."

Me: I can't take any more of this NBA "talk." I make up an excuse my phone is ringing. In actuality, I just want to go watch "American Pickers," my new favorite show.

It's all starting soon. Cavs media day is Sept. 27. From there, it doesn't stop until April.

Until then, guys, just leave me alone.


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