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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Maybe Povtak should give a refund for 'column'

Tim Povtak, a writer for AOL FanHouse, should give back a refund on his column this week about LeBron James.

Povtak, a friend of mine who used to be the beat writer on the Orlando Magic, wrote that James should refund all the fans who showed up to see him play on Sunday.

First of all, Tim, the decision not to play wasn't James'. Coach Mike Brown doesn't want him to get hurt in a meaningless game. If it were up to James, he'd probably play.

Just to upset you, Tim, he's not going to play in Atlanta on Wednesday, either.

Povtak really got personal when he said James lost his MVP vote for sitting out. Are you kidding me, Tim?

That didn't go over well with TNT anaylst Charles Barkley.

"A lot of these guys are (expletive)," Barkley said. "It’s his job is to vote for the guys who deserved it. It (peeves) me off when I hear something like that. It’s your job to give it to the right player."


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