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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Is Amar'e coming?

Cavs GM Danny Ferry might be coming home from Dallas with more than wonderful memories from All-Star weekend.

Talks have intensified between the Cavs and Suns about forward/center Amar's Stoudemire. Sources in Dallas are saying it sounds like a deal could be made. But nothing has been finalized.

The Cavs are dangling center Zydrunas Ilgauskas and his $11.5 million expiring contract over the Suns' head. Power forward J.J. Hickson would also be included in the deal.

If they do acquire the five-time All-Star, it will be a move that either pushes them over the top and fuels their first NBA championship, or it will upset the apple cart.

On paper, Wizards forward Antawn Jamison might fit better with the Cavs in 2010. That seems like he's fit in seamlessly with the Cavs. He shoots, he rebounds and is a great guy. But he's getting up there in age and has $28 million on his contract after this year.

The Stoudemire-Shaquille O'Neal pairing clearly didn't work in Phoenix last year. Despite all that talent, the Suns didn't make the playoffs.

They are both low-post threats, even though Stoudemire does have a trusty mid-range jumper.

The key to the whole thing is LeBron James. If he thinks it can work, then do it. He's the swizzle stick that stirs the drink.

He's supposedly signed off on getting the 6-10, 249-pound Stoudemire. The Cavs will reportedly find out in the next day or two whether the Suns accept their offer.


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