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Friday, February 27, 2009

New info on Smith

I was told late Friday night that talks have started on a buyout of Joe Smith's contract in Oklahoma City.

The negotiations have just started. It has to be completed by Sunday in order for Smith to be added to the Cavs' playoff roster.

The Cavs have about $5 million remaining of their mid-level exception.

Another big man is needed by the Cavs.

Cavs coach Mike Brown's affection for Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is well-documented.

He worked under Pop for several years and helped the Spurs win one of their championships.

There are several things he loves about him, but the biggest thing is how he manages people.

"Every team has their problems," Brown said. "Very seldom do you hear about a guy causing a ruckus down here. Even when big decisions are made – Manu (Ginobili) going back to the bench, Pop going off on Tony Parker on national TV, whatever it may be – the way he manages his people and his players is second to none."

Pop has won three NBA titles in his 12 years as coach.

"To have the longevity and success he’s had here, I don’t know how to quantify it in words," Brown said. "It’s remarkable. You can look at some of the other great coaches that have had great players – Tim Duncan, Manu, Tony – those coaches have only lasted so long. For him to last as long as he has, it’s remarkable."

Before the game, Pop informed All-Star Tim Duncan he wouldn't be playing against the Cavs. Duncan wasn't happy about the decision.

"Tim is a competitor," Brown said. "He wants to be out there all the time. Pop’s looking out for the long-term effects of his team. When (Cavs GM) Danny Ferry and I are put in the decision-making process, we’ll sit back and say, ‘What would Pop do?' "

Brown was asked by one of the San Antonio writers how long it would take Pop to inform Duncan he wasn't playing.

"It would have been done by the time you finished that question," Brown said. "I don’t have the juice. Mine is about a 5-minute conversation. ‘You sure you want to play?’ His doesn’t take that long."


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