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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trade scuttlebutt

All anyone was talking about tonight was the trade deadline. The Cavs have jumped in with both feet. They are really trying to make a deal.

They've been shot down on several fronts, including the LA Clippers, who apparently want to hang onto Marcus Camby.

When the Oklahoma City Thunder's doctors didn't allow Tyson Chandler to pass their physical, the big trade was rescinded. That means Joe Smith will return to the Thunder. Is there any chance he'll be bought out of his contract? He was telling people at the All-Star game that he didn't think it would happen.

Heck, should the Cavs inquire about Chandler? He's 7-1, a great rebounder and a shot blocker. Even though he's a bit banged up, would you take a chance on him if you're the Cavs? Perhaps.

The hot topic late Wednesday was Bucks forward Richard Jefferson. He would be a nice addition to the Cavs. He loves to defend and can be a go-to scorer. He's a major talent. That's why the Bucks aren't going to give him away for just an expiring contract. Supposedly, they want more than that. They actually want a talented player coming back.

There was speculation the Cavs have included Daniel Gibson's name in some trade talks. Maybe the Bucks would bite on that one - Wally and Boobie for RJ.

COACH DISPATCHED - Before official Kevin Fehr ejected Raptors coach Jay Triano on Wednesday, he probably went over and introduced himself first. "Oh, by the way, you're out of here!"

I follow the NBA very closely. If Triano was sitting next to me right now, I wouldn't know him. Wait a minute. He is.

In Canada, he's well known. But this whole operation needs an overhaul.

The national media in the U.S. talks about how LeBron James will walk from the Cavs in 2010. What about Chris Bosh in Toronto? I'm sorry, but at the sake of sounding like the previously mentioned national media, there's no way he's going to stay in Canada. Mark my words.


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