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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Now he's a slam dunker?

Cavaliers forward LeBron James was asked about the slam dunk contest on Wednesday and why he's never appeared in the event.

He said he never wanted to prepare for the contest and practice new dunks. He said he was more of an in-game dunker. He sort of wings it as he soars to the basket.

So, of course, he announces on national television during All-Star weekend that he wants to be in next year's contest.

There's something about this guy. You never know what he's going to say.

He had 20 points in the Eastern Conference's 146-119 loss to the West. Perhaps we saw a preview of next year's slam dunk contest when he threw it off the backboard and threw it down late in the game.

James' teammate, Mo Williams, added 12 points for the East. If there was any doubt about whether he belonged on the All-Star team, he put those doubts to rest. He looked at ease with the other All-Stars.

Cavs coach Mike Brown said he wanted to have fun during the weekend. Hopefully, he did.

All-Star games are sometimes difficult to watch. This one wasn't any different. Players were using all their razzle-dazzle in their arsenal, and it made for some selfish play.


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