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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Almost unwatchable

Cavs blog by Bob Finnan

These Cavs are becoming harder to watch by the game. Viewers are probably tuning in like they always do, realizing that LeBron James isn't playing, and then switching to Law & Order. By the time they check back during a commercial break, the Cavs are already behind by 20.

Help is on the way. Forward/center Anderson Varejao, whose offer sheet was matched on Wednesday, is just days away from joining the team. Guard Larry Hughes says he's going to practice on Friday and hopes to play sometime next week. James, still suffering from that sprained left index finger, could return to action at any time.

Obviously, many thought he'd be back by now. The Cavs are taking a cautious approach to the most famous index finger in Cleveland.

Do the Cavs need him? Desperately. Some of the units Coach Mike Brown is putting on the floor is not NBA caliber. They are also struggling on offense and defense for a reason. They are down to their 10th and 11th men.

They've lost 5 in a row and it's time to put their foot down and stop the nasty slide.


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