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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It can't be!

Cavs blog by Bob Finnan

If LeBron James misses any considerable time with his sprained left index finger, it could be devastating for the Cavs. This team just can't generate any offense without its floor leader, as evidenced by their performance in the second half of Wednesday's 109-74 loss to Detroit.

The Cavs managed just 31 points in the second half - the Pistons scored 32 in the fourth quarter. Where are the Cavs going to find 31 points on their roster? The answer is nowhere. They don't have much firepower now on the bench. If Damon Jones or Devin Brown are moved into the starting lineup, there's not much there.

The Cavs bristle at such talk. The fact is, the bench is extremely weak. People were saying the Cavs were one injury away from oblivion. Obviously, James the player they could least afford to lose.

We'll find out what happens during James' doctor visit today (if the Cavs make any kind of announcement). Cavs fans are crossing their fingers.


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