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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Defense lacking for Cavs

Cavs blog by Bob Finnan

For a sportswriter, there might not be anything more boring to write about than defense. It’s just not a sexy topic. But for those of you that really understand basketball, defense is what usually separates the contenders from the pretenders in the postseason.
There are some uncharacteristic numbers associated with the Cavaliers right now. The 4-5 record heading into the Utah game on Friday? One can live with that. It hasn’t been an easy road for the Cavs in their first nine games, six of which have been on the road.
The numbers that jump out at you are the fact that the Cavs are allowing 103.7 points a game and 46.2 percent shooting. Those numbers are probably embarrassing to Coach Mike Brown.
If you don’t know Brown, he lives and breathes defense. He talks about it daily. They practice it by the hour. It’s what drives him. That’s why it’s got to be bugging him that teams are scoring on the Cavs at will.
In the last two games alone – both losses, by the way – the Cavs have allowed 122 and 117 points. That’s never a good thing.
They’ll eventually figure it out. Brown will make sure of it.


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