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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Game 1: Knicks at Cavs

Quicken Loans Arena
Radio/TV: WTAM-AM 1100, WMMS-FM 100.7)/TNT

QUICK SHOTS: 1. This is going to be the start of a wild ride this season. Embrace it because it doesn't happen very often in Cleveland. The Cavaliers hope the season ends in the NBA Finals with them hoisting up a championship trophy. Of course, they'll have to play a lot better than they did on Thursday. The players thought the emotions of the game caught up with them. That kind of pressure is only going to keep building.

2. That was about as bad as LeBron James is going to play. The eight turnovers were very uncharacteristic. Everyone expected him to take over the game at some point. That never happened. He just kept coughing up the basketball.

3. Power forward Kevin Love was fantastic on the boards with 19 points and a game-high 14 rebounds. It was the 257th double-double of his career. I'm almost in awe of his rebounding and outlet passes. I just love the way this guy hits the boards.

4. The Knicks are coming off a 24-point loss to the Bulls on Wednesday. I don't expect them to make the playoffs. They were missing two key performers in Jose Calderon and Andrea Bargnani. Then explain how they came onto the Cavs' home court and kicked their butts? I can't. I will say forward Carmelo Anthony was pretty good with 25 points. He had a dagger shot late in the game over James. Melo is still dangerous and loves to play against James. They were both in the 2003 draft class.

5. Normally, I don't get too excited about scoreboards, but the Cavs' new jumbotron is fascinating. The old scoreboard wasn't in HD. This one is clearer than your TV set at home. The sound system is also loud and crystal clear. You'll be impressed. I've love to know how much it cost. It had a black spot on the screen for much of the second half. Someone's head probably rolled over that one.

UP NEXT: Cavs at Chicago, United Center, Friday, 8 p.m.

SF LeBron James (6-8, 250) vs. Carmelo Anthony (6-8, 240)
PF Kevin Love (6-10, 243) vs. Quincy Acy (6-7, 240)
C Anderson Varejao (6-11, 267) vs. Samuel Dalembert (6-11, 255)
SG Dion Waiters (6-4, 225) vs. Iman Shumpert (6-5, 220)
PG Kyrie Irving (6-3, 193) vs. Shane Larkin (5-11, 175)
Cavs - F/C Lou Amundson, G A.J. Price
Knicks - C Andrea Bargnani, G Jose Calderon
Tom Washington, Curtis Blair, David Guthrie


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