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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Game 82: Nets at Cavs

Quicken Loans Arena
Radio/TV: WTAM (1100 AM)/Fox Sports Ohio

WHAT HAPPENED?: The 2013-14 season started and ended with a victory over the Nets. In between, there were some crazy happenings.

It was never boring. There was always something to write about, even with a 33-win team.

Should this team have made the playoffs? Darn right. But the Cavs failed to get in the postseason for the first time since 2010. There were parts of the season where they played very well. Others where they were an embarrassment to even watch.

Since Cavs Acting GM David Griffin took over the first week of February, the Cavs were 17-16.

There's talent on this club. It just took too long this season for it to blossom. Does Brown have to shoulder some of the blame? Absolutely. 

Will he be back next season? I believe that he will. He'll at least start the season. If they get off to a poor start, I think he'll be jettisoned. 

I believe he'll be back for a number of reasons. Perhaps, my gut feeling is way off. Cavs swingman C.J. Miles said before the game that it's hard to build a nucleus with a revolving door.

There will also be roster changes. Hopefully, not to the extent as last year when they brought in nine new players.

Teams can't keep making wholesale changes like that and expect to win.

The Nets dropped to the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference playoff race. They'll face Toronto in the first round, starting at 12:30 p.m. Saturday at Air Canada Centre.

In all honesty, it really doesn't matter who they play. If they are on their game, they can beat any team in the NBA. They have so much playoff experience in Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Joe Johnson.

Nets coach Jason Kidd said he's blessed to have so many playoff-tested players, some who have won championships.

Like forward Luol Deng said on Tuesday, the Cavs should be preparing for their first-round playoff series with Indiana. But they're on the outside looking in once again.

Cavs guard Jarrett Jack tried to explain that the playoffs are a different animal. It's a whole new game. Teams play harder and there's no (or very few) slouches. He said he had a recent conversation with teammate Dion Waiters, who said the playoffs were probably a lot like the NCAA tournament. Jack said he told Waiters it was nothing like the NCAA tourney. He said you wouldn't be facing any No. 16 teams in the NBA playoffs.

Jack said Waiters and Kyrie Irving were talking about going to some of the NBA playoff games as fans to see what it was all about. Perhaps next year, they'll find out what it's like to play in the postseason.

UP NEXT: The NBA draft lottery on May 20.

SF Alonzo Gee (6-6, 219) vs. Marcus Thornton (6-4, 205)
PF Tristan Thompson (6-9, 236) vs. Andray Blatche (6-11, 260)
C Spencer Hawes (7-1, 245) vs. Jason Collins (7-0, 255)
SG Dion Waiters (6-4, 225) vs. Jorge Gutierrez (6-3, 195)
PG Kyrie Irving (6-3, 193) vs. Marquis Teague (6-2, 190)
Cavs - G Scotty Hopson, F Luol Deng
Nets C Brook Lopez, G Shaun Livingston
Mike Callahan, Eli Roe, Zach Zarba


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