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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Game 68: Cavaliers at Clippers

   L.A. Clippers (27-43) 100, Cavaliers (13-55), 92
   at Staples Center, Los Angeles, Calif.
   What happened: The game was overshadowed by a pre-game incident involving an obviously troubled man who somehow got inside the arena with a knife. The guy made it to the floor and was brandishing the knife in a threatening manner before security took him down with beanbag projectiles.
   As for the game, it was more of the same for the Cavs. They were competitive, after a fashion, but you never got the feeling thy were going to end the three-game West Coast trip on an up note. J.J. Hickson had 28 for the Cavs. Blake Griffin was his usual dominant self, piling up 30 points while throwing down some fierce dunks.
   Baron Davis didn't play because of back spasms.


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