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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Game 65: Thunder at Cavs

OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER (42-23) 95, CAVS (12-53) 75
at Quicken Loans Arena
RADIO/TV: WTAM/Fox Sports Ohio

WHAT HAPPENED: This was a classic case of the haves and the havenots. The talent discrepancy in Sunday's game was staggering.

The Thunder is a legitimate contender for the Western Conference crown. The Cavs? The less said, the better.

Once again, things seem to be unraveling before our eyes. What they are doing out on the court isn't what I'd call competing. They're running abound out there, going through the motions.

Without guard Baron Davis, the Cavs look rudderless. They really don't have any leadership or anyone directing the flow. Their defensive intensity has fallen off, as well.

Davis will rejoin the team on the West Coast trip. That's all that's known, for sure. It might be in Portland on Thursday. At the very latest, it could be Saturday in LA.

Coach Byron Scott ripped the Cavs again on Sunday. He questioned their heart and desire after Sunday's game.

SF Alonzo Gee (6-6, 219) vs. Kevin Durant (6-9, 230)
PF Samardo Samuels (6-9, 260) vs. Serge Ibaka (6-10, 235)
C J.J. Hickson (6-9, 242) vs. Nazr Mohammed (6-10, 250)
SG Anthony Parker (6-6, 210) vs. Thabo Sefolosha (6-7, 215)
PG Ramon Sessions (6-3, 190) vs. Russell Westbrook (6-3, 187)
Cavs – F Antawn Jamison, G Baron Davis, C Anderson Varejao.
Thunder – G Nate Robinson, C Byron Mullens C Kendrick Perkins.
Bob Delaney, Kevin Cutler, Michael Smith


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