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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cavs vs. Celtics, Game 6

at TD Garden
Game 6 of Eastern Conference semifinals
(Celtics win best-of-seven series, 4-2)

WHAT HAPPENED: The Cavs didn't have any problems with effort in Game 6. They came out and played hard and with passion.

Unfortunately, they didn't play well. They turned the ball over 24 times, which led to 27 points by the Celtics.

LeBron James, who might have played his last game with the Cavs, had a triple-double and came one turnover away from a quadruple-double. He ended with 27 points, a career-high 19 rebounds, 10 assists and nine turnovers.

The first course of action for the Cavs might be to fire Coach Mike Brown. He didn't want to address it after the game.

That might be the most difficult thing GM Danny Ferry has ever done. They are that close.

And that includes trading center Zydrunas Ilgauskas. It's been quite a year for Ferry.

Rumors circulated after the game that Brown would be replaced. If they are going to do it, then do it on Friday. Don't let him dangle in the wind. He's been nothing but a breath of fresh air with the Cavs.

He is their winningest coach in the regular season and playoffs.

If he is dispatched, I'll miss him on a personal level. He's a class act.

The Cavs would have to replace him with a veteran coach, someone like Larry Brown or Doug Collins. Don't say John Calipari, either.

But they won't be able to hire a coach like that until the James ordeal is straightened out. He might have some say in who they hire, if he returns.

I've thought all along that he would re-sign with the Cavs. I'm no longer leaning that way. Hopefully, I'm wrong.

His management team will decide where he signs. It might have its sights set on bigger and better places.

* * *
FIRST TAKE: I'll be on ESPN First Take at 10 a.m. Friday morning.

* * *
FIRST REACTION: I love the comments from Doc Rivers the first time he watched Rajon Rondo.

SF LeBron James (6-8, 250) vs. Paul Pierce (6-7, 235)
PF Antawn Jamison (6-9, 235) vs. Kevin Garnett (6-11, 253)
C Shaquille O'Neal (7-1, 325) vs. Kendrick Perkins (6-10, 265)
SG Anthony Parker (6-6, 210) vs. Ray Allen (6-5, 205)
PG Mo Williams (6-1, 190) vs. Rajon Rondo (6-1, 186)
Cavs – G Danny Green, G Sebastian Telfair, F Jawad Williams
Celtics - F Tony Gaffney, G Oliver Lafayette, F Brian Scalabrine
Monty McCutchen, Bob Delaney, Eddie F. Rush


Blogger california vuckeye said...

The Cavs need a point guard, williams will not help get them anywhere. Do what they need to do to get that kid Turner from Ohio State. Trade who ever they need to and as many as they need to so that they get that number 1 pick.

May 13, 2010 at 11:11 PM 

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