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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cavs vs. Celtics, Game 5

at Quicken Loans Arena
Game 5 of the Eastern Conference semifinals
(Celtics lead the best-of-seven series, 3-2)
Game 6 is 8 p.m. Thursday in Boston

WHAT HAPPENED: If you're a Cavs fan, there were concerns heading into tonight's game.

If Good LeBron shows up, the Cavs will likely prevail in Game 5. If Bad LeBron plays in Game 5, which he did, then all bets are off.

James had just 15 points. He made 3 of 14 from the field.

James defended Celtics guard Rajon Rondo some in Tyesday's game. It's almost as if the Cavs coaching staff is drawing straws five games into the series.

We know Mo Williams and Anthony Parker can't guard Rondo. How about using Jamario Moon a little more instead of AP? The Cavs got Moon to defend. It's hard to defend on the bench.

Despite all the crazy stuff that's happened in this series, the Cavs could still win the next two games and move on. I picked them to win in six games, but I had no idead they would struggle as much as they have.

To be outrebounded the way they have falls under the category of effort. The Celtics have wanted it more than the Cavs. Rondo had four offensive rebounds in Game 4. The Cavs had three AS A TEAM!

That's usually an area where Anderson Varejao would factor in. However, he's given the Cavs very little in this series.

Some of the inconsistencies have to fall at the feet of Coach Mike Brown. He's not been getting a consistent effort from the players in this series, and he doesn't know why.

Some of the blogs and chatrooms are saying this could be James last game at The Q with the Cavs.

Let's hope they're wrong.

SF LeBron James (6-8, 250) vs. Paul Pierce (6-7, 235)
PF Antawn Jamison (6-9, 235) vs. Kevin Garnett (6-11, 253)
C Shaquille O'Neal (7-1, 325) vs. Kendrick Perkins (6-10, 265)
SG Anthony Parker (6-6, 210) vs. Ray Allen (6-5, 205)
PG Mo Williams (6-1, 190) vs. Rajon Rondo (6-1, 186)
Cavs – G Danny Green, G Sebastian Telfair, F Jawad Williams
Celtics - F Tony Gaffney, G Oliver Lafayette, F Brian Scalabrine
Joe Crawford, Marc Davis, Greg Willard


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