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Monday, May 25, 2009

Mo wasn't holding back

Often in situations like the Eastern Conference finals, players have a way of giving politically correct answers.

Williams didn't exactly hold anything back in his post-game address in Orlando, Fla., on Sunday.

First, he said he thought the Cavs were giving the Magic too much respect. That's going to get a lot of play, especially from a team that might be on its last leg in the series.

It might not be the wisest thing to say right now. It's not like they need to add any more fuel to the Magic players.

Also, when asked if it was a dirty play when Magic guard Anthony Johnson elbowed him, he replied, "Absolutely."

JUST WIN, BABY - Borrowing a phrase from Raiders owner Al Davis, the Cavs just need a win in this series. A win in Game 4 on Tuesday would even the series at 2 games apiece heading back to Cleveland.

All would be good in the Cavs' world. But a loss in Game 4, forget it. It's over.

The Cavs aren't practicing today.

DEADLINE PRESSURE - The networks used to worry about the late games affecting papers in the East time zone. Not any more. Game 3 started about 8:47 p.m. It almost lasted 3 hours - 2:58 to be exact. Then people wonder why stories aren't stocked full of flowery quotes.

DIVINE INTERVENTION? - In the playoffs, NBA TV announcers ask questions in the post-game press conference from their studio. The players on the podium don't have any idea where the questions are coming from.

When NBA TV's Eric Snow asked Dwight Howard a question, he replied, "Is that God?"

PRICELESS REACTION - WEWS Channel 5's reaction to LeBron James' shot is priceless:


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