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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Some observations from another country

Cavs blog by Bob Finnan

Why has Damon Jones sat on the bench for seven games? It's absolutely absurd, especially with the putrid guard play we've watched for most of this season.

The guy knows how to play. Bottom line. He can shoot the 3-pointer, which is always needed in today's NBA. There's no question he should be in Coach Mike Brown's rotation.

Speaking of point guards, Toronto's Jose Calderon is going to make a lot of money. I'm in the opinion that he's better than the injured T.J. Ford. He's certainly more dependable. He had 16 points, 11 assists and four rebounds on Sunday against the Cavs. He's going to be a restricted free agent this summer.

Also, even though Raptors forward Chris Bosh has a great video on You Tube promoting his status in the All-Star Game, he was anything but a monster on the boards in Sunday's game. He had 23 points and five rebounds in Sunday's game.

LeBron James obviously loves playing in Toronto. He had a career-high 56 points three years ago in Toronto. His 24-point performance in the fourth quarter on Sunday was amazing. He just got in a roll and never stopped. It was fun to watch.


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