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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Never before seen aggression

Cavs blog by Bob Finnan

I've covered the NBA for 13 years now. I've never witnessed the cold war that's going on in New York between the Knicks and the media.

Reading the New York Daily News today was an experience. It featured a full-page poster: "Fire Isiah." This is all-out war.

A fan who was tossed at the Madison Square Garden became front-page news in New York. He had the audacity to hold up a "Fire Isiah" sign, and was sent packing. The fan was interviewed and said he'd outlast Coach Isiah Thomas this season. He was probably right.

Thomas was asked the other day whether he questions about his job security should be asked. He said give things a couple weeks. Headlines the next day: "Isiah gives it two weeks."

There's no question he'll be whacked at some point - and rightfully so. The way he put this team together is an absolute joke. But what's going on right now in the Big Apple makes for great theater, and many people around the league are getting a lot of laughs from it.


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