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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Game 12: Wizards at Cavs

Quicken Loans Arena
Radio/TV: WTAM (1100 AM)/Fox Sports Ohio

WHAT HAPPENED: The Cavs put forth an embarrassing effort for 2 1/2 quarters. What in Sam Hill is going on with this team?

Coach Mike Brown can't seem to figure it out. It's too early in the season for the players to tune out their coach. But that's exactly what it looks like.

This "team" has not come together in the least. There's no chemistry or cohesion. It's five guys running around out there on the court. 

The Cavs need to make a trade to shake up this group. They need to be jolted back in line before it's too late. 

They leave on Thursday for New Orleans. They should be good and ready to face the Pelicans after a night on Bourbon Street.

Then they play in San Antonio on Saturday to face the Spurs. So, they'll be on the second night of a back-to-back road set. Do you need me to tell you what will probably happen? They'll also be playing without center Andrew Bynum on Saturday.

If he were to play like he did tonight, it wouldn't make any difference any way. He made no impact on Wednesday's game whatsoever.

For whatever reason, while he was in the game, they had him guarding Nene, who simply took him out on the floor and fired 16-foot jumpers. If you didn't notice, he's pretty good out there. Meanwhile, Tristan Thompson (another no-show vs. the Wizards) guarded Marcin Gortat. He's a guy you want to shoot from the perimeter, but really doesn't.

I can see why the Cavs had Bynum trying to guard Nene. Bynum is strong as an ox. But he's like a beached whale out on the floor.

C.J. Miles strained his calf muscle just 3 minutes into the game. He was replaced by Dion Waiters. Now, what does Brown do at the "2" spot in the New Orleans game? He, obviously, doesn't want to start Waiters. His options are Delly - Matthew Dellavedova - Waiters or Jarrett Jack. He could also stick rookie Sergey Karasev in there, but it's unlikely.

This team is a mess right now. It might get worse before it gets better.

UP NEXT: The Cavs travel to New Orleans at 8 p.m. Friday at New Orleans Arena.

SF Earl Clark (6-10, 234) vs. Martell Webster (6-7, 235)
PF Tristan Thompson (6-9, 236) vs. Nene (6-11, 250)
C Andrew Bynum (7-0, 294) vs. Marcin Gortat (6-11, 240)
SG C.J. Miles (6-6, 231) vs. Bradley Beal (6-5, 195)
PG Kyrie Irving (6-3, 193) vs. John Wall (6-4, 207)
Cavs - G/F Carrick Felix, C Tyler Zeller
Wizards - F Otto Porter, F Chris Singleton
Derrick Stafford, Brian Forte, Eli Roe


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