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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Game 21: Cavs at 76ers

PHILADELPHIA 76ERS (7-14) 117, CAVS (7-14) 97
at Wells Fargo Center
RADIO/TV: WTAM/Fox Sports Ohio

WHAT HAPPENED: It's deja vu all over again for the Cavs. It's like a bad nightmare. They've now lost five in a row. After their home game on Wednesday against Chicago, they embark on a four-game road trip.

All four are quality teams, too: Oklahoma City, Houston, Miami and Indiana. Unless things turn around quickly, how does 7-19 sound?

It sounds terrible to me. Not that I thought this was a playoff team, but I thought they'd be competitive. That's not been the case in the last five games. Ever since LeBron James came to The Q and kicked their behind, it's like the players have quit on Coach Byron Scott.

Very few of them are acting like they want to be on the team. The front office can't get rid of all of them like a recent caller to my voice mail suggested. But, believe me, some of these guys won't be here past the trade deadline.

It's definitely time to play the rookies, even Christian Eyenga, because all the guys on the "varsity" aren't keepers. Don't expect Manny Harris and Samardo Samuels on the inactive list tonight. Expect to see them playing. Expect to see Jamario Moon on the inactive list and maybe a few more surprises.

How many of these guys do you want to be on the team next year? Wow, if I must say so myself, that's a good question. Let me think about that: Boobie Gibson, Anderson Varejao and maybe a few more.

Memo to GM Chris Grant: It's time to explore cleaning house.

If you were playing D-League guys, it wouldn't be much worse than this.

I wouldn't want to be in Grant's shoes. He has a major overhaul on his hands. I think it's time to start the firesale.

I could probably go on for another hour. But it's time to sign off. I have an early flight in the morning.

SF Joey Graham (6-7, 230) vs. Andre Iguodala (6-6, 207)
PF J.J. Hickson (6-9, 242) vs. Elton Brand (6-9, 254)
C Anderson Varejao (6-11, 260) vs. Spencer Hawes (7-1, 245)
SG Anthony Parker (6-6, 210) vs. Jodie Meeks (6-4, 208)
PG Mo Williams (6-1, 195) vs. Jrue Holiday (6-4, 180)
Cavs - G Manny Harris, F/C Samardo Samuels, G Christian Eyenga.
76ers - F Craig Brackins, F Darius Songaila.
Dan Crawford, Curtis Blair, Tony Brothers.


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