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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kenneth Merkatz is the man

It's a big day on Twitterland for NHCavsinsider. I now have 500 followers on Twitter reading this blog.

The 500th follower's name is Kenneth Merkatz, and he's being showered with virtual gifts. I baked a cake in his honor. It's hard to put 500 candles on a cake, by the way. I hope you like chocolate.

Sorry, Kenneth, but budget restraints will prevent me from actually getting you anything. But I'm giving you a shout out online.

Since starting this blog, and the accompanying Twitter account, it's made great strides. It's an outlet for my observations on the Cavs.

SOAP BOX TIME: The All-Star balloting is making me nuts. Fans currently have Sixers guard Allen Iverson in line to be a starter in the Eastern Conference. He's played only a handful of games and has no business being a starter.

In the Western Conference, Rockets guard Tracy McGrady has dropped to third in the voting. He shouldn't even sniff the All-Star Game this year.

Of course, Cavs center Shaquille O'Neal is second in the voting in the East. He's not playing at an All-Star level this year, but at least he's been playing all year.


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