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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Brown is touting LB

Cavs blog by Bob Finnan

Cavs coach Mike Brown is truly amazed by the defensive exploits of forward LeBron James.

In the last two nights, he held Indiana's Danny Granger to 4 points and Charlotte's Gerald Wallace to 1. Their combined shooting was 2 of 13.

"People should consider LeBron for the all-defensive team," Brown said. "I think it’s a carryover from the Olympic team. He takes pride in that.

"His communication is off the charts. He’s like the quarterback of our defense. Even if he’s not involved in a particular action, he’s telling people what they need to be doing."

James has obviously grown into perhaps the best player in the league. But there's still room for growth, Brown said.

"He has not reached his ceiling," Brown said. "(He can) shoot 3s and pull-up jump shots (better). (He can play) weakside defense (better). He hasn’t tapped out or come close to reaching his ceiling."

And that's a scary thought.


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