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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Big Ben

Cavs playoff blog by Bob Finnan

Now that was the kind of performance the Cavaliers have been looking for from veteran power forward Ben Wallace.

The 6-9 forward had 12 rebounds, four on the offensive glass, two blocks, two steals and two assists. He didn't score, but didn't attempt a shot from the field. He missed both free throw attempts.

"All he cares about winning," Cavs forward LeBron James said. "You never see a power forward with no shot attempts."

Actually, the Cavs don't want Wallace to shoot - ever. Maybe if he has a wide-open dunk. He's not exactly Carlos Boozer on the offensive end. Wallace has become quite surly to reporters as of late. The few people who know him say he gets that way in the postseason.

He's not been saying much to the media since he was asked about a foul he had on Caron Butler early in the series. When asked about it, he said, "You're asking me about that foul? This is the playoffs." And, that was it.

He can be a mime as far as I'm concerned if he continues to play like he did on Sunday. He definitely impacted the game, something he hasn't done much of since he was sent to Cleveland on Feb. 21.

He did a good job of Brendan Haywood for a long stretch of Sunday's game. He's becoming a key part of the playoff puzzle for the Cavs. If the Cavs get past the Wizards - they'll likely close out the series on Wednesday - he'll be needed against Celtics forward Kevin Garnett in the Eastern Conference semifinals.


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