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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sasha sent to Siberia

Cavs blog by Bob Finnan

Sasha Pavlovic certainly can't say he didn't get a chance. Coach Mike Brown pulled the plug on having Sasha in the starting lineup on Sunday.

When I got to the game, I had the feeling something was up. Brown was scurrying around. He met with GM Danny Ferry in his office before meeting with the Cleveland media.

I was thinking he would alter his starting lineup a bit. Then I heard Sasha was out. Not only was he out of the starting lineup, he was out of the rotation. He never budged from his seat at the end of the bench. He didn't join the team in huddles.

He just wasn't getting the job done. His shooting was off all season. His defense was spotty at best. I'm not sure Devin Brown will be more productive, but he'll certainly be an upgrade on defense.

One thing about Devin, he'll always give effort on the court. He's not the most talented player on the team, but he's like a junkyard dog. He'll bite, scratch and claw to get the job done.


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